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International Law

Our office is part of a strategic Alliance between lawyer offices of different European countries (England, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland and Austria), the United States, Canada, Mexico, Dubai and Puerto Rico, with the aim of giving cross-border advice with highly specialized lawyers.

Law Firm Alliance is an international network, result of the combined expertise of more than 50 offices and 2.500 lawyers, all of them linked by a strong commitment with customer service.

For further information about countries and offices that are part of this alliance, you can contact Law Firm Alliance.

Our expertise allows us to process and advice you in individuals and company’s procedures.

Contact us about:

. International contracting

. International taxation. 

. Procedural law with international elements

. Enforcement of award or foreign judicial titles

. Cross-borders disputes

. Aliens procedures by investment, senior managers and special groups.

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