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International Advice

CORTIZO LEGAL wants to provide our clients with two perspectives of work for two internationalization scenarios oriented, on the one hand, to Spanish companies that wish to internationalize their activity and, on the other hand, to international companies that require professional services anywhere in Spain.

All this through the services offered by CORTIZO LEGAL, such as:

• Management of new Foreign Companies and affiliates
• Constitution of foreign companies.
• Legal advice related to commercial contracts.
• Accompaniment in tax and labor issues associated with Spanish legislation.
• Company domiciliation
• Management of expatriate partners and legal advice.
• Advice and management on internationalization or collaboration agreements.
• Accompaniment in the internationalization of companies through our headquarters.

• Advice on aspects of double taxation that affect the activity.

We also provide international advice to individuals through legal assistance in the taxation of impatriates, workers or self-employed foreigners displaced to Spain, as well as the processing and management of residence and work permits that entail the international mobility of workers.

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