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The Supreme Court already has its transparency portal

From this Tuesday, both citizens and legal professionals will have access to the indications of the five courtrooms of the Supreme Court as well as the agreements of its governing room thanks to its new transparency portal.

The new platform, as pointed out by the Court, will allow a simple and orderly access to a large amount of public information such as distribution rules as well as, and for the first time, other information that to date Was not accessible to the public.

To be informed of the agreements adopted by the Government Room, to know the agenda of the meetings of this body, as well as the indications of each of its five rooms will be possible from now on, even getting to know the institutional agendas Of the president of the Supreme Court, Carlos Lesmes, as well as the vice president of the high court, Ángel Juanes.

With this new portal, the Supreme Court completes its process of extending the transparency policy to the organs of the government of the courts initiated by the General Council of the Judiciary in November 2015.

You can access the new Transparency Portal by clicking here.

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