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“NUVOLA” – a new project of BLB Studio Legale (Italy) and Cortizo Legal (Spain)

Innovation as a business sector and working method: it is on this common basis that the law firms BLB Studio Legale (Milan, Rome, Shenzhen) and Cortizo Legal (Madrid, Beijing) have planned their activities for the year 2020, setting up "NUVOLA", a spin-off that will benefit from a bouquet of international and territorial services of an innovative legal boutique with important sector specializations, offices in Europe and Asia and operational alliances with law firm and consultancy companies and services throughout the world.

"The relationship between BLB and Cortizo started in 2017—say Victor Cortizo and Alessandro Benedetti—when, being both members of LFA, an international alliance of law firms of which our firms are proudly members with a great spirit of collaboration and professional enrichment, we found common points of interest, opinions and approaches; from here, and after the first common activities, the path led us to tighten our relationship even more, working on common themes among our clients and our resources."

First fields on which NUVOLA's planned activity will focus are legal tech and private equity. "These are sectors that have innovation as an essential component," says Alvaro Rey Riveiro. "Doing legal work as today without using technology or new methods is unthinkable; at the same time, it is a great opportunity to work on new forms of investment specifically oriented to start-ups and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises" (Nicolino Gentile).

“Italy’s and Spain’s markets are already close and mature in both fields—continues Silvano Lorusso—, so with our joint action we want to work on this proximity, with the aim of expanding the business opportunities of our clients, improve their perception of legal services and optimize their internal processes; farther, we will share our vocation to work in the Asian markets, given that both Cortizo and BLB have been operating there for more than a decade". Communication, both internal and external to the spin-off, will also be innovative and technological, thanks to the use of tech solutions and with a shared branding.

One of the first initiatives of Nuvola is a road show presentation of the project, its aims and potentiality, that will visit, during 2020, all the cities where the two law firms have their offices: Madrid, Rome, Milan, Shenzhen and Beijing.

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